We eat, sleep, and breathe music. We've recorded and performed with artists from around the world. Here's a short list:


7 Years

Lukas Graham, Spotify House SXSW (2016)

Mama Said

Lukas Graham, MTV Woodies Festival (2016)


Bob Schneider, Live at the Paramount (2009)


We can write or arrange to your music or if you're hearing something in your head, we'll pick it out and play it that way. Though we're never afraid to offer suggestions. And while we don't necessarily recommend it, we've also written some of our best stuff on the fly during the session or on stage.

We offer complete arranging services, of all musical styles, for any setting. We've written entire horn books for bands, have an extensive collection of cover band horn transcriptions, and regularly write and arrange string and horns parts for gospel churches around Texas.


Many of our clients take advantage of the fact that we have our own recording studio so no matter where in the world you're located, we can work with you.. You send us your rough mix in any format, and we'll post our high quality mono bounces up on the web for you to easily download and import into your existing project. Need your tracks at 44.1, 48, or 88? We got you covered. 16 or 24 bit? Yep. HD? Sure. We do that, too. Our background includes experience in music production on the other side of the console so we can speak the language of recording engineers even if you don't. Of course, we're always happy to record at a studio of your choosing.

On Stage

One of our greatest joys making live music with great bands. We enjoy being able to add a special element to a show that a good and tight horn section can add. We'll work with you from rehearsals up through the gig to make your show as good as it can be. Simply put, we're there to help you look and sound your best.


  • Erik Telford, trumpet

    Erik is our trumpeter and does a lot of the writing and arranging for us. He has a background in jazz and classical music and holds a degree from Berklee College of Music for Film and Television Scoring. He also writes the checks, presses record, and sweeps up the studio when we're done for the night. Erik's personal website has more about his music outside of HFH.

  • Marcus Cardwell, saxophones/clarinet/flute

    We like to say Marcus gives us our "Wow!" factor. He's one of the funkiest sax players around. You'll usually see and hear him on the tenor, but he's just at home on soprano, alto, or baritone. He's also been known to play flute and clarinet when called for. You can find out more about Marcus at a his website.

  • Raul Vallejo, trombone

    Raul is a multiple Grammy Award winning trombonist. He's recorded and toured with some of the biggest names in the music industry (Kelly Clarkson, Jason Mraz, Blues Traveler, and Grupo Fantasma are just a few) and was one of the founding members of the Grooveline Horns. You've most likely heard him on the radio and didn't even know it. He's a pretty damn good writer and arranger, too.


I've Got So Much Trouble

Flyjack, self-titled EP (2007)


Bob Schneider, Lovely Creatures (2009)

How Strong is a Woman

Paolo Apollo Negri, The Great Anything (2009)


Fulton Read, Individualize EP (2009)

Sliding Down the Razor Blade of Love

Kevin Ahart, self-titled album (2010)


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